Rebecca Krantz

I help you as a CEO and leader to make growth history.

Stop dreaming about yourself, leaders and employees who feel good on the inside and deliver world-class performance on the outside! Make it happen and book a meeting with me.

I train, hold workshops and lectures on the theme of self-leadership, leading others and each other, and building a healthy and strong company and team culture.

Dance with me, and you and the company will sparkle!

Well, you don’t have to literally dance with me.
But are you excited about leading and creating that awesome team at your company that delivers world-class results? While keeping you and your colleagues happy on the inside? Then I think we should talk further.

When you feel good on the inside, it is easier to lead on the outside.

For over 15 years, I have been helping leaders, managers, women, men, and all kinds of people to become better at leading themselves and others.

Those I have trained and train are active in various industries such as hotel chains, government agencies, the IT and service sector, the Armed Forces, B2B companies, childcare and many others.

My approach is this: Everyone is a leader in different ways. You lead yourself and you lead others. It goes on all the time. Both at work and at home. But to be a good leader, a leader that others want to follow, you need to realize that it all starts on the inside. If we feel good on the inside, it will be easier to lead on the outside.

You also give employees the opportunity to develop to understand how to manage themselves better and communicate to succeed together.
Well then you have created winning teams for real!

My Values


I have a wild heart. I am vulnerable. And I am brave. Bravery. Vulnerability. Hand in hand. You also have a wild heart, like your colleagues. To develop, we need to be courageous. Together.


When I do what I love most, I am at my best. And what do I love most? Yes, to help more people like you and companies like yours become extraordinary by creating the right conditions for well-being, productivity and success.

Why be one of the many?


My life challenges me. Every day. Just as your life challenges you. Every day. Do things my way. Trying to live as I learn. No pointing fingers. We hook arms instead. Do you like me? Great! Not so much? No problem. But if you want to move forward? Then I am your sidekick!


Life goes up and down. That’s how it is. But a sense of humor makes life easier. Humour creates community. Keeps us going a little longer. In addition, humor creates a creative cocktail in the brain that releases endorphins and makes us feel good. Can we laugh our way through our challenges?

You bet we can! And I have a touch of humor up my shirt sleeves. If only I had worn a shirt.

My passion is to move you!
By brain. By heart. By doing.

Brain, heart, body. Thinking, feeling, doing.

You need to bring them all into your leadership to make a real difference.

They are keys to success!

"Life isn´t about waiting for the storm to pass,
it´s about learning to dance in the rain"

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