In the country where I rule

When my breath is not enough, when I need to lose myself for a moment to get up again. Then I know… that I am on the path to my strongest self. There, behind my closed eyelids, I see my country. The land where I humbly rule that which leads me forward and closer to my true self. Where nothing is impossible, and I’m brave and all. One foot in, one foot out, dare to step in and stay in. The heart leads the way and after a while the breath follows. Silence all around and a soft, reassuring throb in my chest from the thing that keeps me alive.

I allow myself to fall, fall down and let go of what is holding me. Letting go of what is not me. Blowing away thoughts like seeds in the wind. Thoughts that do not need to belong to me and the knowledge that I am not my thoughts. I am me. It doesn’t have to be more or less. In my country, I stupidly choose what thoughts are allowed to flow freely. My breath slowly settles and my mind becomes still. Absolutely still. This is where I want to stay and where I want to live.

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