Move by Heart – Why organize a charity event for ECPAT Sweden?

There, in the morning light, I watch the soft and almost silent breathing of my children. Chests rising and falling with a peacefulness that makes my mind explode with love. Love that takes all the ways it can out of the heart and into every little cell of me.

Love unconditionally, provide security, contribute and meet their curiosity about life. This is my job as a parent. Every second, hour, day and week. Until they are big enough to roam the world independently. Walk on with an understanding and certainty that all people, big and small, regardless of skin color and social status, have a natural place here on earth. And that no one has the right to be exploited.

So why can’t children and young people experience this as a matter of course? Why do adults take the right to destroy the most beautiful thing we have through abuse, power, exploitation, etc? How did it get so wrong?

So there in the morning light I stand, full of love for the most beautiful thing I have helped to create. I am filled with an energy that gives me strength, strength to contribute and fight for all those children who cannot be loved unconditionally. All those children who have no security and safety net and no time to be curious about life, because someone is scaring and exploiting them. It is time to contribute to the fight to bring the darkness into the light. Minimize their “play areas” bit by bit.

We, on the right side, will state, again and again, a body is private property. I have rights over my body. I decide who can see and touch my nakedness. My conditions. Every time. Always.

This is how the idea of Move by Heart came about, a charity training event where ALL proceeds will be donated to Ecpat, the children’s rights organization that works against child sex trafficking. IRL and online.

More in the next post about the content and the way forward. From just having it in my head to actually now standing here with notifications rolling in. Less than three months until Artbox at Artipelag will be filled with people, music and warmth! Fantastic!

“Imagine how many people give up on their dreams. Think how easy it is to take them back…”



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