When your senses become your best POWER!

What are our senses?
The most common senses mentioned are sight, hearing and touch. In addition to them, we also have taste and smell. Senses we use to perceive the world around us, senses we use to recognize contexts, senses we anchor memories in.

Tastes, smells and what we experience through our sight and hearing can take us back in time in an instant and make us feel a lot of things. Switch between different emotional states. Fascinating, and perhaps sometimes frightening, that we can be so unconsciously influenced by memories we may not even ‘remember’.

Engagement, focus and meaningfulness through our senses
It is also possible to use the senses as a tool to create engagement, focus, meaningfulness and drive if we are looking at a development or change process. There, the senses can embrace the goal we have in front of us, giving us a deeper meaning and an even clearer intention of what we want to achieve. It can be both results in the form of numbers but also pure emotional states.

When I was expecting our first child, I took a prophylaxis course to learn how to breathe through the different phases of labor. In that course we also practiced finding a target image that we could develop during the birth. A kind of ‘carrot’ when we might be tired, want to give up or get worried. I remember well what my goal was and how it influenced me positively when I was preparing for my birth.

Target images are often used by athletes and I wish more companies would work more consciously with target images and really embed them in their employees. As a reassurance that everyone is on the same bus and can quickly remember where the bus is going if there is one too many stops. This anchoring can take place through the different senses. We humans prioritize our senses a bit differently, which can be useful to know if you want to anchor intentions and goals with others, give a presentation, etc. Use the visual (pictures, film clips, drawing), auditory communication (talking, playing a clip, music, etc.) and also the kinesthetic (letting the person feel by talking in groups, joining in the communication, trying an exercise, etc.). Because some people absorb more when you talk than when you draw on the whiteboard, and for others it’s the other way around.

How do you use your senses?
Think about how you use your senses. For example, when you to remember something. Do you do it by seeing images in front of you, or remembering words you have heard, or having a particular feeling connected to a part of your body? I know that I am more visual, at least when it comes to remembering things. Like when I make an outline for a lecture. Then I have a certain scheme I divide the different parts of the lecture into, then I put a special “start” and “end” word in each box/part – that way I remember and make my parts fit together. Then I can also be more flexible on what to say in between, because I know what “frame” I am in throughout the presentation. What works best for you?

What is the role of the senses in moving towards a goal?
If you want to get your employees on board with the goal, you need to review and think about your presentation, lecture, etc. Include elements that appeal to the three senses VAK (visual, auditory, kinesthetic), to make sure you get everyone’s attention in one way or another.

You can also deliberately reinforce a target by asking them to see, hear and feel the target image. This can be highly effective if you are also coaching yourself towards a goal. I have done it several times when faced with larger tasks such as big dance performances, lectures, etc. I first visualize how I wish and want it to look. Then I incorporate what I hear and want to hear into that picture. Then I feel the feeling of achieving what I want, reactions from the audience, my own presence, etc. I do it many times and when the time comes, I have an inner peace because I have gone through and “experienced” the situation so many times. This also leaves room for improvisation if necessary. The best part is that you can correct and adjust so that it looks, sounds and feels just the way you want it to. So let it become a powerful goal that lands in you.

“Where focus goes energy flows” – so true, so true!

– Test yours and those around you. Which senses do they prime?

– Do you use all your senses consciously?
Otherwise, try going for a walk. Really pay attention to what you see, take in. What do you hear? And how do you feel about being out on a walk? Perhaps move on to a café and the food and drink of your choice. Smell and taste with 100% presence.

Good luck!


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