Your history is not your future

Your history is not your future

How we or the company think about our history, our past, will affect how we choose to look at the present and what we want from the future. We carry our history with us, consciously or unconsciously, and therein lies the difference. If I become aware of things I think that affect me negatively, I can also make choices to reverse or “erase” those thoughts and attitudes. I want to get rid of things that inhibit my resources and thus do not take me forward. At least that is my truth.

Your history is therefore not equal to your future.

Your backpack

The backpack I carry through life is filled with both good and less good events, thoughts and feelings. I create truths from what I experience, values from my environment and surroundings, and a kind of filter for how I see myself and the world around me(more on that in this post). It is also up to me to deal with and remove things from my backpack that are weighing me down. I would rather put down things that become assets and strength for me in my way forward in life. I want to be able to open the zipper and choose from the resources I have, preferably without raising a sourdough that is not useful. The past can also be quite wonderful, take advantage of those memories and reinforce them as your resources by anchoring them.

If I find myself too much in the future, which I know nothing about, that in itself can be an abstract feeling that becomes difficult to deal with, because you cannot determine the future. You can wish for it and make conscious choices to get where you want to go, but it is impossible to know 100% if it will happen. That being said, I want to encourage you to let the future be a playful story and be humble about your NOW. Dream and create clarity around your goals in the future (see previous posts on intentions, frameworks, presuppositions), while at the same time reversing the tape and marking out stops where you put new resources in your backpack, enjoy the present and align the map with the goal. Maybe you feel like going in a different direction, or maybe you’re on the right track. Either way, your NOW will tell you if you are where you should be, so listen carefully. See yourself and your surroundings, allow your self to land right where you are and trust that everything is exactly as it should be right now, and that you have the power to make your own choices and the states (feelings) you want to be in on your journey through life.



– Think about how much you live in the present? Where do your thoughts usually go? Backward, forward or to the present?

– Do you have memories of less good achievements you have made in the past (private, leadership, etc.) that hamper you today in similar situations?

– Do you think your business is stuck in old patterns from the past that need to be changed?


Feel free to contact me here if you want to work on letting go of the past to make you and your company more resourceful in the present and for the future you want to face.



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