When the unconscious becomes conscious thinking

The unconscious can affect your present

Making the unconscious conscious may sound fuzzy and unclear. In fact, taking the time to do so is a huge asset. Curiously examine what signals you’re getting from within and what context you’re connecting your thoughts and anchored memories to. At first glance, a single memory may not seem to have any impact on what you are experiencing in the present. On closer inspection, there may well be similarities in the memory and where you are right now.

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t know why you reacted the way you did? You may have experienced cold sweat, anxiety or irritation. In your unconscious, there may be events that are triggered in the present by, for example, tone of voice, body language or smell, putting you in a state you were not prepared for. So the current experience as a whole means that you may not make the connection that there is some element of it that is a trigger back to a less well experienced memory in your past.

There is a point in quieting your mind sometimes. Make yourself aware of and reflect on what unexpected and unwanted behaviors you have, and what they might be due to. Breathe in silence and experience and examine what comes to you.

Similarly, you can put emphasis on memories that give you power, more on that I wrote in a post about anchoring as a tool to keep the momentum going.

Unconscious habits

Habits are also a form of unconscious actions. We may think we make a lot of decisions in a day. In fact, many actions we take are pure habits, which happen automatically, a bit like an unconscious act of just doing. This is also why it can be difficult to break patterns, as the course of the pattern consists of several unconscious actions that we do not even reflect on. Think about it!

Human beings are constantly evolving

I believe that we evolve and change all the time, in many cases unconsciously, and at certain points in life we stop and realize that we are not who we once were. It is the journey of life and we are on it. We can also choose to be more active in that journey. You can consciously choose to stop more often, take more opportunities for self-reflection to see if you are growing at the rate and in the direction you actually want. If you want to change something, take the time to do a proper “pre-examination” of yourself. Are there old memories, thoughts and beliefs about yourself or what you want to achieve that you need to start changing? Don’t underestimate the power of thought.

Maybe you need to replace negatives with positive words that lift you up and make you believe. Believe that your change is possible. Do you need to be in new constellations and spaces where you are energized? Create awareness of all the elements that will affect your path forward. You will also be better prepared for what you will face.

Development of an enterprise

As much as I believe that human beings are in constant evolution, companies are also in need of continuous development. A company that sits back and is happy with the way things are will eventually bite the bullet. Continuous development does not mean big changes and abrupt changes all the time, that will be just as devastating as not developing. What I mean is to have the will and curiosity to see the company as a vital organ that can be constantly improved. Therein lies the drive and opportunity. This along with the ability to zoom in and out that I wrote about the other day.

In order to develop as described above, I think that the company’s management should, among other things need to look at the past versus the present. Through employees, find out if there are unconscious values, truths, etc. that lead the company to stagnation rather than improvement. Create the conditions for flexibility in meeting the future and the goals that exist. It is important to weed out things that have not worked and that have hindered growth, to make room for the new. This needs to be done and ensured throughout the organization, so that everyone is aware that the old has been replaced by something new that will lead to sustainability. Otherwise, the risk is that staff and management will continue to act on the basis of old norms and events – without reflecting on why.


In short, the unconscious affects us much more than we think. Therefore, be curious and interested and ask yourself why and how behaviors come about. New discoveries and reflections can make a big difference for you and your company.


– Start reflecting more!



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