You are my reason – for my daughters

You are my reason I hold my breath to hear the sound again. I look out into a pitch-black room and distinguish the window frames on the wall in front of me from the small night light on the floor behind the sofa cushion. Close your eyes softly and listen again. Breathe as quietly as […]

Move by Heart – Why organize a charity event for ECPAT Sweden?

There, in the morning light, I watch the soft and almost silent breathing of my children. Chests rising and falling with a peacefulness that makes my mind explode with love. Love that takes all the ways it can out of the heart and into every little cell of me. Love unconditionally, provide security, contribute and […]

I am with you in every breath

The stadium is silent and empty while waiting for the crowd to cheer and the players to talk and cheer on the pitch. Coaches’ coaching from the sidelines and referees’ whistles and firm arm gestures are waiting to fill the air. The stadium is quiet and empty in anticipation of the last match of this […]