Sufficient or insufficient?

This is just my truth about how I think it is… The feeling of just wanting to lie down, let go of everything and breathe out all the worries wants my attention. I want to breathe deeply, but something holds me back. Like it’s too crowded to breathe on the inside. I […]

What are you grateful for?

Gratitude – resting in the small and the large Gratitude is a way to feel joy, stop and learn to see the small in the big. You can find gratitude in the fact that someone held the door open for you this morning or that you got to see your child’s first steps. Or that […]

Dance and decision-making as a common denominator?

Everyone can dance I have some truth that most of us living people like to dance in one way or another. Then there are many who say “I can’t dance”, but that is not the same as wanting to dance. I also firmly believe that we can all dance, according to our own conditions, and […]

What is good leadership for you?

Leadership is an art A leader who breathes the business, believes that everything is possible, sees you and genuinely takes the mission they have seriously with an important dose of humor, can that be a good leader? Leadership can include many desired qualities and personality traits. I believe that good leadership is a balance between […]

When the unconscious becomes conscious thinking

The unconscious can affect your present Making the unconscious conscious may sound fuzzy and unclear. In fact, taking the time to do so is a huge asset. Curiously examine what signals you’re getting from within and what context you’re connecting your thoughts and anchored memories to. At first glance, a single memory may not seem […]

Your brain – changing and developing

What about your brain? Leaving aside stress that affects our brain resources, we say that people are differently dominant in our hemispheres. Some of us are more imaginative, creative, approachable, emotional, impulsive and a bit chaotic (right half). Others are more orderly, like more structure and detail, plan and are more rational (left half). We […]

Your history is not your future

Your history is not your future How we or the company think about our history, our past, will affect how we choose to look at the present and what we want from the future. We carry our history with us, consciously or unconsciously, and therein lies the difference. If I become aware of things I […]

Do you sometimes take a meta-perspective?

Do you sometimes take a meta-perspective? “But it’s not possible”, “I don’t see how this is going to work”, “We’ll have to drop everything”. Do you recognize that you are stuck in a problem, at work or at home. You’re trudging through the mud, struggling to get your boots on every step you try to […]

Do you have a balance between your mind and body?

What are ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ imbalances? Are you sitting with nice Excel sheets or lists and planning what to do? Or are you just going through the motions and have no paperwork at all? The vast majority of us are both, but in slightly different balances. What I would like you to think about is […]

Your systemic self

The human being as a systemic being You are not one or the other. One person at work, one person at home, one with friends and another at the children’s soccer practice. While you can adapt your behavior to the situation, everything you think and do is done with the same body and brain. So […]