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"After our tailor-made team building and self-leadership workshop, I can say that the experience was fantastic. Both me and my team felt a real kick-start to the season and we have never felt so close together as we do now. Our main goal of the workshop was to define ourselves as a team and improve our communication, feedback and conflict management. I felt that these objectives were met effectively, especially with the flexibility offered by the workshop.

We now have a deeper understanding of each other as individuals and have established a framework for working together. In addition, we have gained feedback tools and insights into how different people communicate. I have noticed an immediate improvement in team dynamics and communication. A particularly memorable moment was when we discussed key conditions for all of us and came up with a common view on how to work together.

As a workshop leader, I appreciated Rebecca's relaxed and inviting manner, which created a comfortable atmosphere. Overall, I feel that we are now a safer and stronger team for the upcoming summer season. I would definitely recommend this type of workshop to other teams."

Annie Rosén
Hotel Manager, Hotel Gute & Breda BLICK

"Rebecca is one of the most competent project managers I've worked with in my 25 years in business.
event industry. She has an amazing ability to see the big picture while being meticulous when it comes to...
is about the details. As a communicator, Rebecca is great at communicating decisions and the project.
progress both internally and to suppliers and other stakeholders in the project.
In short, Rebecca is a real rock!"

Jan Welander,
Owner Split Communication

"Rebecca came into the chain like a breath of fresh air. Made sure to MEET the member/person. She was
quickly became popular, and many of us in the country called for her attention and saw her...
competence. Getting 130 member companies to work together towards the same goal is not easy, but by
Rebecca's ability to coach and meet us in our needs, we received enormous help.I will never forget either
year when she was project manager for our Kick-Off with approx. 500 participants. The best I have experienced in
my 25 years in the Comfort chain."

Lisa Wiik
CEO Wiiks Rör and board member of the Comfort chain

"I have moved from words to action in some areas.
I notice more job satisfaction in myself and in the unit I am responsible for. I have also strengthened my self-esteem and confidence in leadership.

The combination of the coaching sessions, lectures (and videos in the course portal) and working with the course portal exercises. There has also been a very humble, supportive and learning atmosphere in the group.

I would probably say that since it is over a longer period of time, I have 'committed' more and kept the learning and implementation alive in a different way than previous leadership courses.

As a trainer, Rebecca is committed, humble and empathetic. Also genuine and clear where she stands in her role as a trainer, coach and person.

I recommend attending the course if you feel that you have stagnated in your leadership and want to develop with others, while at the same time having many tools to use to create the change you need.

The group I was in was mixed in that we came from different industries and had different experiences, it has been very rewarding."

Kerstin Brinkman
Head of Unit, Government agency

"Rebecca is a wonderfully inspiring and joyful speaker.
All of our 90 employees were delighted after the lecture and the joy in the room was very palpable among the employees. Many of the employees expressed that it was the best lecture in a long time!"

Maria Pettersson
Head of Unit/ Pediatric Nurse Sollentuna and Rotebro BVC and Sollentuna Breastfeeding Clinic.
Annie Rosén, Hotel Manager Hotel Gute & Breda Blick (Visby) Full day workshop with management team
Kerstin Brinkman, Head of Unit, government agency
Participants of the "Moving Leadership" program
Annie Rosén, Hotel Manager Hotel Gute & Breda Blick
Participants of the "Moving Leadership" program
Charlotta, Head of Section, Swedish Armed Forces

"All the knowledge these months have offered in combination with the group's fellowship and the individual coaching, I think everyone with any kind of leadership role should treat themselves. An investment in yourself and an investment for your company.
Rebecca is a fantastic sounding board with many years of experience in different business cultures and industries. She can really contribute to make us develop as leaders and bring out the best in us which benefits both the individual and the company.I would take this training (Moving Leadership) again and again if I had the chance."

Kristina Rosic, Entrepreneur

"If you want to become a future leader, this course is invaluable.
Rebecca works pedagogically and sensitively with up-to-date research for leadership, with a great ability to include and engage participants. You gain insight into yourself and your own challenges as a leader, you get personal tips and advice and a network of good leaders if you wish. Above all, new perspectives are gained in a sensitive and educational way, together with the whole group.
Rebecca is truly a future leader today and I am very grateful for this course and its participants. I have developed a lot and am looking forward to the continuation of my journey as a future leader."

Carina Jonsson, Head of Operations, Fontänhuset

"Before the training with Rebecca, I felt very lonely in my leadership role and started thinking negative thoughts.
The training has taught me that I am definitely not alone and not useless. The tools I have been given have strengthened me as a leader, not everything is black and white. I am also not afraid to fail and there is always a chance to start over and try a different path. The group coaching was very good, allowing people to share their thoughts and experiences with each other.
The material has been easy and useful to absorb."

Annie Rosén, Hotel Manager Hotel Gute & Breda Blick

"Fantastic full-day workshop! Both me and my colleagues got a real kick-start to the season and have never felt so tight as now. We needed to land in who we are as a team and how we should work together. Talking through the conditions that are important to all of us and arriving at a common view of how we should work together was very valuable. Then we needed tools and help with communication, feedback and conflict management. This was met very well, and also with a flexibility where the content was adapted during the workshop."

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Watched the webinar and then attended Rebecca's training. Among the best things I have done EVER...worth every penny.

Talk about peeling the onion, layer by layer, into your deepest core.
Where you know...
Where you feel...
Where the answers are.

Highly recommended.

Veronica S

"Many thanks for a great course and the way you communicate. I have used you a bit as a mentor in how you meet people in group coaching.

Everything is digital, everyone has different needs and you still manage to see everyone based on their needs and spread warmth.

You make a difference ❤️"

Anita E
Anna Löf, Participant Dance Trip Tuscany

"I am so incredibly grateful that I went on this trip! Everything exceeded my expectations, the dancing, the food, the lovely farm but above all all the wonderful people who were on the trip! Will definitely go again!!!"

Sara Kroné Karlsson, Participant Dance Trip Tuscany

"Can highly recommend this training trip with Rebecca at Holistic Future to magical Tuscany with wonderful environment and training, very good food and nice company. It is a great concept with training, dancing, relaxation and excursions together with fantastic food and drinks. A week to relax and re-energize and just think about yourself! Starting the morning with a beautiful sunrise in the Tuscan countryside warms the heart. I will come back ❤️"

Erica Larsson, Participant Dance Trip Tuscany

"A perfect trip if you want to move your body, eat well! Socialize with wonderful people and at the same time completely okay to be alone! I found myself again and de-stressed and got to try different kinds of dance and exercise. More than I had hoped for! Great setup, lots of variety and a wonderful place!"

Cecilia Larsson, Participant Dance Trip Tuscany

"There is a reason why, year after year, I follow Rebecca's training journey, to wonderful Tuscany and Anticoborgo di Tignano. This year was my 8th year and I enjoy it just as much each time. It was a well-planned week filled with fantastic dancing, slow flow, mixed training, lectures, good food and many laughs among good friends.

Set among the hills of Tuscany, this beautifully located farmhouse offers tastefully decorated rooms. You can't get enough of the view. That alone gives you a sense of calm. Amazingly nice and caring staff. The food, it tastes just as you have dreamed of. Can highly recommend this trip. Promise it will be a memory for life "

Maria Sellin, Participant Dance Journey Tuscany

"A wow experience.🥰
My first thought when I read about the trip was: What could go wrong? Tuscany, Yoga & Dance. The best there is😍
A fantastic journey on all levels, which has given me challenges that I have overcome, joy, peace & fantastic meetings with wonderful people. Oh Rebecca💖 you made an incredibly strong impression on me, so down to earth. Thank you for your positivity, coaching, tips and advice."

Christina Wapner Svendsen, Participant Dance Journey Tuscany

"A ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Dance &Yoga journey out of the ordinary.
Being in a genuine Tuscan picturesque farm where you get to dance and do yoga daily with like-minded people in small groups and professional instructors is a lot of fun.
The sense of community and joy is unbeatable. You come home lyrical and filled with a lot of new wonderful energy."

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