I have a lifelong experience of dancing in several different genres, therefore I can also offer you as a private or corporate customer a wide range of dances.

You decide and then we let go. The dances I have competed and trained in are Latin American dances (cha-cha, rumba, samba, jive, salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, etc.)

Right now I mostly dance, train and instruct in Afro dance, buggy and foxtrot. I have instructed and choreographed other dance classes, including. a Dance aerobics and Zumba. In addition, I have also competed in buggy, which I still train and instruct around the country with my husband.

Everyone can dance. Yes, everyone..even you who consider yourself to have two left feet! For dance is about finding your own interpretation of a movement, where you feel that your body can express what you hear and feel to the music, I have danced all my life and the joy, passion and freedom that dance movements create in my body, I want to convey to you!

Whether you want to learn to dance yourself, enjoy someone challenging themselves or enjoy a dance performance.

Dance classes

Do you want to learn how to bug or fox?
Do you want to learn to dance with your partner? Or are you a whole group that wants to feel some nice bug or fox moves?

I, together with my husband Jonas, tailor an arrangement based on your wishes. An appreciated arrangement is usually a dance weekend at a hotel incl. accommodation. good food and drink (and maybe some SPA?)

Price depends on the arrangement, so feel free to send an inquiry!

During the year we are out around Sweden and instruct in slow bugg, performance ladies/men, party training, bugg – tempo, rhythm, music adaptation etc. Between 2009 – 2018 we instructed during week 26 at the big “dance camp” Sverige Dansar in Västervik. Nowadays you can find us at Böda Sands training week v. 26, where we instruct a bunch of classes.

Dance show

A dance performance can be for an event at work, a conference or a party. Do you want a special theme for the dance show or do you just want something lively to happen?

We (me and my husband/dance partner) customize dance performances for your event, big or small. From local parties to larger gatherings. We have done several dance commissions with different conditions and audiences. We listen to what you want, to leave a lasting memory.
You can choose to buy a ready-made arrangement or have us choreograph new ones according to your wishes.

Here is a sample of what one of our shows might look like. In this dance show, we have a fast-paced start and then end the show with some slower dancing. We can work with you to find out what suits your event. We have many years of experience in dance and dance performances.

Hen party or stag party?

Chairtease, the bedroom dance with a chair, is a popular form of exercise in the USA.

It can be a really fun addition to a bachelor or bachelorette party. How much is the bride or groom-to-be prepared to let go? Is the bedside mirror there and how do you roll your hips and swivel around the chair?

We keep our clothes on and it’s fine to dance barefoot. A maximum of 10 people can participate, but it is fine for the rest of the group to be there and create a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

I can be flexible in arranging a venue or coming to you. Contact me for the price, which varies according to the wishes of the song etc. you have. I can offer ready-made songs and choreography, or you have a song you want me to choreograph a dance to.

A different wedding dance?

Surprise your guests?

Opting out of the traditional wedding waltz for something that is more your own personal stamp on the wedding dance is becoming more and more common!

My husband and I chose to do a medley at our wedding. A medley that became a story based on the lyrics of the songs. Maybe you want to do it, or just get some nice moves to your favorite song? We will help you create a choreography that suits you to the music you want, whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer.

It’s your dance and it should be delivered with love, joy and confidence!