-The Conversation

– Mastermind coaching for women in leadership roles

It is in the present and genuine conversations that it happens. The community, the power and the opportunity for more perspectives.

Who do you talk to when it is really hard to be a leader?

In this mastermind group you will meet other women leaders. Together we create a safe space where all questions can be raised. Even those questions you are afraid to ask because you think you are the only one thinking them. But I know from experience that this is rarely the case.

What would it be like to hook up with other brilliant women and together with me help each other grow, in your respective leadership?

We will also practice breathing exercises and I will teach you a simple technique to create better brain clarity.

JUST NOW! With a pilot start this November ahead of the regular start in spring 2024, you are now being offered a heavily discounted price. See the bottom of the page.

FireWire – The Conversation

Conversations, discussions, bonding, support, partner buddy, coaching and training. Only for women who have been in a leadership role for at least 3 years.

Annie Rosén, Hotellchef Hotell Gute & Breda Blick. Referens utbildning Rebecca Krantz Holistic future
Play Video about Annie Rosén, Hotellchef Hotell Gute & Breda Blick. Referens utbildning Rebecca Krantz Holistic future

Don't hesitate, just go! It's time well invested in yourself that gives you many good tools.

Annie Rosén
Hotel Manager, Hotel Gute & Breda Blick (Visby)

Is this you?

  • Have at least 3 years of management experience
  • Lacking a sounding board in your everyday work life
  • Want to add more/new knowledge in leadership, self-leadership and team culture.
  • Want a private forum where you can get help and support in a safe environment.
  • Want to make new leadership friends from different industries who can help you gain new perspectives.
  • Want to be listened to, understood and helped in the way you need.
  • Want a coach to help you find new approaches to challenges and development.

Results if you participate:

You will be part of a powerful network of other women in leadership roles who grow through the conversations.
You will be better able to manage your stress through an improved mindset and simple practical breathing and movement techniques.
You know how to communicate so that you get your point across and others listen.
You have an in-depth ability to lead others towards the same goal based on research-based Motivation Theory, Neuro-leadership and Strength-based leadership.
You have learned more about how to conduct coaching conversations.
You have learned how to work towards a stronger and more sustainable team culture.
You have strengthened your self-leadership so that you can better sort, set limits and make more correct decisions.
Ledarskap som leder till produktiva samarbeten genom bättre kommunikation och självinsikt

- The Conversation
- Mastermind group coaching for women in leadership roles


  • 8 places
  • Start on Tuesday, November 7 at 09:00 – 10:30
  • 6 digital zoom sessions of 90 minutes each.
    7/11, 21/11, 5/12, 9/1, 23/1, 6/2
  • Group coaching and practical exercises with a strong focus on the conversations.
  • Digital networking with other leaders from different industries and backgrounds
    3 individual coaching sessions of 60 minutes each
    (value 6 000:-)
  • Team partners
    – You are paired with one of the other participants who becomes your “partner buddy”.
  • Training from me in self-leadership, leading others, communication, team development, neuro-leadership etc.
  • Coaching and support from me during all the times we meet and on email/chat between times.

Join the tribe...

This program is unique in its composition of content. You can now become part of it.
As I am now running a pilot round, you get the chance to participate at a heavily discounted price. One-time-only opportunity. Starting in spring 2024 means regular price.

6 995:- ex. VAT

Partial payment of 3 months at 2,500:- ex.VAT
Price after the pilot round will be 16 995:- ex. moms. (without the individual coaching sessions)

The great sense of community and the collective competence and experience of the course participants has been very important. I got great input and support as I had challenges in my leadership at the beginning.

Head of Section, Armed Forces

For all (women) who are even remotely interested in improving their approach to themselves and their leadership. I feel that with relatively small means I have made big changes in how I relate to both myself and my surroundings. It has made me more confident and clearer - both to myself and to others.

Mette Brolinson
Head of Sports, Swedish Orienteering Federation
If at the end of the coaching/training, you don't feel that you have gained anything, you will get 100% of your money back. Provided that you have actively participated in our meetings and completed the reflection/work assignments given to you between meetings.