Move By Heart

A training event for everyone where the entire participation fee goes directly to charity!

A day where those of us who can, contribute what we have to those who need us, the children and young people. Precisely because we want to and can. No demands, just the heart.

Move by Heart® is a charity training event that I started on a small scale in 2014 and that I upgraded in 2018 to something bigger and even more wonderful! The idea of the charity event is that 100% of the participation fees have gone and will go to charities that make a difference for our children in Sweden. I project manage, organize and implement the event without earning a penny. Children and young people are my focus and that of the participants.

This year, the event will highlight mental health issues among children and young people. Therefore, the entire amount collected will go to Tilia. You can read more about them below.

When? Where? How?

What is Move by Heart®?

A wonderful and warm training event out of the ordinary!

A charity training event that I started on a small scale in 2014 and has grown since 2018. The dream is to one day enter the Avicii Arena (formerly Globen) with lots of people dancing, training and rejoicing together. While doing good for our children and young people. Because we can. By heart.

The idea of the charity event is that 100% of the participation fees have gone and will go to charities that make a difference for our children in Sweden and around the world.

201412 000:- to UNICEF – Jakobsbergs Folkhögskola.
2018 100 136:- to ECPAT Sweden – Artipelag outside Stockholm A fantastic day with ECPAT Sweden on site and what a collection!
201946 015:- to ECPAT Sweden – Clarion Hotel Arlanda – Another magical day with ECPAT Sweden in place and great fundraising!

2024 – Move by Heart is back in form. Bigger than ever and with a focus on the non-profit organization Tilia for young people’s mental health.

I run the event without earning any money of my own. I am looking for sponsorship of the venue, instructors, lecturers, goodie bags etc. If I can’t get full sponsorship in the form of ex. free venue, I am looking for corporate sponsors who can then contribute to the event by covering unavoidable costs (e.g. sound engineers). All so that 100% of the participation fee goes to the fundraiser. No 10% here and there for administration etc. Any surplus from corporate sponsorship goes to the fundraiser.

How do I participate in Move by Heart®?

The set-up is simple. Use the link below to sign up for a day full of great exercise, no-holds-barred dancing, lectures and exhibitors with great event offers. The ticket also includes a good time and good vibes. No prior knowledge is required for any of the sessions. Put on something comfortable to move in and come!

There are no refunds, but you can transfer your place on the training day to someone else. If so, please let me know about the name change at rebecca[at]movingboundaries.se.

Wonderful instructors with big heart and huge charisma will deliver high-level training fun on this day. All you have to do is pay a registration fee, which will be donated to the fundraiser, and you can enjoy the day to the fullest. Knowing that you are doing good both for others and yourself. Win-win!

100% of the participation fee you pay goes to the fundraiser. If you would like to donate more money or just contribute money without being able to attend the event, please contact me directly via email at rebecca[at]movingboundaries.se.

Does your company or do you know a company that wants to be visible and sponsor Move by Heart®?

Together we can help make a difference with the knowledge and assets we have. I’m looking for companies that want to sponsor giveaways for goodie bags for the participants, prizes for the raffle (all proceeds of which go to the fundraiser) and coverage of costs such as e.g.. housing technician.

Sponsors 2024

Scandic Infracity Upplands Väsby (Stockholm) provides a large venue for the day that can accommodate up to 250 participants.


Mental health problems among children and young people are far too widespread and it is us adults who need to take responsibility and help them to feel healthy and safe again.

Mental ill health depends on various factors and is of course not the same for everyone. Some factors may include stress and anxiety (in general and about what is happening in the world). Environmental expectations (school, parents and peers), social media with skewed ideals, the impact of social media on exclusion, online vulnerability, unsupported diagnoses at school, climate change and increased performance requirements. To name a few.

I work as a coach and trainer in self-leadership, leadership and team culture. I am passionate about making people feel and function better. Individually and together. No matter who you are. I am also very concerned about our children and young people. Therefore, this is something that is close to my heart and that I want to highlight and contribute to, by organizing and raising money through a dance and fitness event.

Tilia is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 that works for the mental health of young people/young adults. They want all young people who need someone to listen to them to get it. Their vision is that all young people should know what mental health is and how to get support. They spread knowledge and support to young people through the Tilia podcast, self-esteem workshops, summer camps and through dedicated volunteers and members across the country. Read more here

Their work is vital and saves lives. Now you too can help save lives while moving your body and heart.

Because of their work, this year I decided to donate the entire Move by Heart® collection to them.




Niloo Lopez


“Niloo is the marketing manager and lecturer who can make anyone’s hips move. Therefore, I am very happy to have her as the emcee for the day. With her beautiful style, she will inspire us all to a wonderful atmosphere, and from the stage she will hold the schedule for the day.” Rebecca

Niloo is an energetic and driven instructor who absolutely loves dance, especially Latin American and Caribbean rhythms. Being able to convey joy, music and freedom through dance is one of her favorite things. She has also had the privilege of doing so for over 20 years. She currently instructs Zumba at SATS in Stockholm.

Maria Bild


“Bam bam” is a wonderful class full of energy and dancing fun! It is a mixture of salsa and samba. No prior knowledge is needed. EVERYONE can take part!

Maria Bild is a competitive dancer and has, among other things, four gold medals from that time. She has participated in seven seasons of TV4’s Let´s Dance where she won the first one together with Måns Zelmerlöw. Today she runs her own business and in addition to the dance school also has classes in SOMA move, yoga, pilates, strength training, running, personal training and coaching. More about Maria: www.mariabild.com.

Åsa Fornander


Åsa Fornander is one of Sweden’s most established group training profiles, especially in dance and yoga.

She has created three of her own concepts and she trains and inspires instructors and participants all over the world.

Åsa has won the gold heart for instructor of the year – and also international awards for her innovation in group training Åsa will present one of her concepts: Dance Detox FLOW.

Dance Detox FLOW is a dance concept in group training form – where the inspiration comes from jazz and modern dance A permissive class whose basic idea is to release stress and discomfort and instead boost up with power, energy and pleasure We focus on flow, presence, breathing and on being replenished and strong from the inside out. Like yoga – fixed dance.

Self Love, Stress relief & Soul Cleanse

Rebecca Krantz


“Here you have me, Rebecca, who has founded Move by Heart®. The nicest thing about organizing this event is that it gathers so much goodness and power, which in turn leads to a fundraiser that will make a difference for children and young people who do not feel good and / or need someone to vent their thoughts with. Tilia contributes through its important work by both lecturing and providing tools in how to build self-esteem as a young person, they have books, the Tilia podcast, a chat where young people can turn, they create cooperation with other organizations that contribute to children’s mental health and much more. Such important work. They are heroes and it is an honor to contribute to their organization!”

Rebecca has an extensive background as a dancer, fitness instructor, project manager and coach. Focus on allowing everyone to take their place and to be who they want to be. Performance is exchanged for “performance crap”. In her Afro Jam dance class, we dance barefoot (if you want to) and let our bodies get carried away with simple movements to drums and other great vibes. It will be sweaty and liberating! If you haven’t danced before, you will be able to join in anyway. I promise!

The Moving Boundaries lecture is about exactly what the title says, moving boundaries. Your limits. Maybe they need to be clarified, enlarged, reduced, demolished, replaced. You will get some concrete tools and mindsets on how to move forward to lead yourself in your life more clearly. Opt in and opt out to move your boundaries so they embrace and take you towards what you want. A real boost to your self-leadership!

Jesper Fästh

Dance class "DANCE!!!"

Jesper is an instructor with his heart in the right place who creates a wonderful atmosphere in his dance classes!

Jesper has toured with the show group Up With people around the world and then he trained at the Ballet Academy – vocational school for professional dancers. For ten years he worked as a professional dancer around Scandinavia and has participated in several shows, movies and musicals such as: Cats, Fame, Beauty and the Beast, Evita, Crazy for You and others. Since 2006 he works at SATS as a dance instructor.

Jesper’s classes are sweaty and filled with joy and energy and for him the joy of dancing is most important, not how you dance but that you dance. Everyone can dance! So join this class and get carried away, right and left will work out.


Information on the lecturer will follow shortly.