My story

FUCK IT! I want that job! 
Dusk had crept into the car and the rain was pattering on the windshield as I listened to the person who had asked me to apply for that temporary position. 

“On paper you are not the most qualified candidate for the job, but we will see”. 

Resignation washed over me. Thought: “Okay – I didn’t mean to”. 5 seconds later: “FUCK IT! Fist in the wheel. I WANT that job!”

Went home. I wrote an email to the manager of the position I had applied for. Writing from the heart. Yes, I know I am not the most qualified for the job. But – you won’t find anyone more committed than me. None. Two days later? The job was mine. Because of the email. 

Do you think it is stupid for me to start my story with a swear word? Maybe it is. But that sentence says a lot about me. And what you get when you hire me. 

About me

My background

I am a northerner. With frontal bone. And a big heart. Here are some other things you should know about me before you hire me. One of my strongest qualities is that I never give up. Not at all. And I rarely use the word "never", but in this case I do.

Another characteristic is my passion for people. To help others move forward. Faster and easier than fighting alone. Plus living my life on my own terms. For better or worse sometimes. But in the end it is always worth it.

For the last 15 years I have been involved in one way or another in self-leadership, mental training, leading others and getting more people to work together. But my life could just as easily have taken a different turn. Because my sights were set on show business.

I got into the dance program in Sundsvall and with my frontal bone the final destination was the big stages. But at the age of 16, I succumbed to peer pressure. I didn't know anyone in the dance program so I chose language and communication instead. It was the second last time I didn't follow my heart. But apparently that was the point. I am writing to you now.

With a smile on his face.

It is said that northerners are stubborn. This is true for me. And that is to your advantage.
Because when I take on a task or mission, you should know three things:
1. I only take on assignments that I consider myself competent enough to carry out (with a little bit of hubris).
2. I think it is possible.
3. I will not stop until you and your colleagues reach the finish line. So: You better step up with me


> Over 1000 coaching hours for individuals and managers
> Lectured to over 8,500 people on my favorite topics of self-leadership, leading others, and building prosperous and winning company cultures.
> Trained and held workshops for companies in different sectors such as. healthcare, consultancies, hotel chains, government, IT and services, childcare and others. Both B2B and B2C.
> Trained in project management, leadership and self-leadership at Frans Schartaus Handelsinstitut.
> Trained hundreds in my own training programs on self-leadership, leading others and building strong, confident and effective teams.
> Been responsible for event projects with budgets of 0 to 4 million (with budgets of almost 0 crowns, you need to be able to work with your knees to create something worthwhile ;).
> Created, managed, project managed and implemented over 100 different types of marketing projects (events, film, web, advertising, etc.).
> Taught over 1000 hours of dance
> Teaching, training and coaching in holistic health and fitness for over 17 years.
> Trained and competed for over 15 years and will make a competitive comeback in 2023.

My professional background is thus in coaching, education, project management, dance and training/whole health. For over 17 years I have been helping people in the above areas. Both as an employee and as a self-employed person. I coach, train and lecture in self-leadership, leadership, communication, change management, collaboration and group/team development. My vision is to help people become better at leading themselves and others, and to help each other succeed in a more sustainable and successful way.

Training courses

I am a Certified Communicologist* (see description below) and a Certified Systemic Coach. I am also a trained project manager in marketing. I have 60 credits in education and have studied leadership coaching at university. I am also a qualified health developer, personal trainer and group exercise and dance instructor. In addition to these trainings, I have taken continuous courses in neuro-leadership/science, communication, mental training, leadership, team development, movement training, goal setting, etc.

About and definition of Communicology:
Communicology is a meta-discipline developed, defined and named by Norwegian educators Jorunn Sjøbakken and Truls Fleiner. A meta-discipline is a discipline/field of knowledge that has other disciplines and their expertise as its object of study.

- The study of the structure and dynamics of communication and change, when all experience and behavior is selectively defined, described and understood as communication.
- The study of key common factors in change management

Directly translated, Communicology means the study of what is common.

My strengths & values

"Life isn´t about waiting for the storm to pass, it´s about learning to dance in the rain."

No one will do the work for you. So be sure to get the best content for you for your toolbox to help you live your life more as you wish. No matter who you are, what you do and what you want to achieve in life. MOD - I have a wild heart. I am vulnerable. And I am brave. Mod. Vulnerability. Hand in hand. You also have a wild heart, somewhere in there. Should we let it out? Otherwise we cannot develop.

PASSION - I am at my best when I am doing what I love most. And what do I love most? Yes, to make your life dance, your heart sing and your mind shine. Shall we get started?

GENUIN - My life challenges me. Every day. Just as your life challenges you. Every day. Do things my way. Trying to live as I learn. No pointing fingers. We hook arms instead. Do you like me? Great! Not so much? No problem. But if you want to move forward? Then I am your sidekick!

HUMOR - Life goes up and down. That's how it is. But a sense of humor makes life easier. Humor creates community. Keeps us going a little longer. In addition, humor creates a creative cocktail in the brain that releases endorphins and makes us feel good. Can we laugh our way through our challenges?

You bet we can!

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Rebecca is a very positive and hard working professional and injects energy in any team she works in.
and with. She is skilled on taking on projects and managing them through successfully on budget and

Jens Bengtsson
Solution Consulting Manager Nordic, Adobe

I have a different view of myself and I'm not afraid to test myself and see where it leads. The tools I have been given have strengthened me as a leader, not everything is black and white. I am also not afraid to fail and there is always a chance to start over and try a different path.

Carina Jonsson
Head of operations, Fontänhuset Nyköping