I want to take you to places where you can land in who you really want to be. Where you have time to reflect and understand that you are unique and good just as you are. Dance and training on weekends and trips abroad. Without demands and performance, where I want to help you find your own power, path and live more YOUR life dance. Life goes on and so do we.

So follow your wild heart and embrace your life now, not later.

dance & training weekends - sweden

Below you can find upcoming dance and fitness weekends in Sweden. It can be for yourself, with a friend or maybe with your partner. You are welcome to join me!


Live YOUR rhythms within is a boost event to empower you. It’s a feelgood event for ALL of you! No prior knowledge is needed.

The whole you, brain, heart and body will be so boosted. Informal dance and functional training. Beautiful yoga moves, lecture and mini workshops. All with the aim of strengthening the whole you. From the inside out. From the outside in.


Below you will find weekends with dance classes in buggy and foxtrot. We run courses at different levels and think dance is the most fun thing to share and teach. All our weekend courses are based on undemanding dance with lots of laughter and warmth. Welcome to book a wonderful dance weekend with us!

After 15 dance & training trips to Italy, it's time for something new!

Thinking, researching and planning is in full swing. As soon as my new idea is launched, I will post information and the possibility to register here! Want to be sure to be the first to know when I release the next trip and destination? Email me at rebecca[a]movingboundaries.se and ask me to put you on the VIP list.