Lectures that educate, inspire and motivate!

Lectures that make you as a leader and your employees stronger together. By increasing our level of self-awareness and self-leadership, we can also understand each other better at a deeper level. This leads to improved collaboration, clearer and better communication, and more well-being, engagement and the ability to influence one's own and others' motivation. Simply put, stronger team culture and leadership!

Expect a journey of humor, courage, reflections, metaphors, interactive elements, understanding and the occasional "aha" moment.

Lectures that will make you go home and get awesome (self-)leadership!

Here I list my most popular lectures. All lectures are based on scientific research and theories. Which is then baked into a wonderful mix of metaphors, story telling and humanity. Humor, courage, seriousness, thought-provoking. The lectures will take you on a journey of emotion and reflection. Find out which one would suit you, your team and company best!

  • 100 % OPERFECT – A lecture on going from follower to driver in your life and how being OPERFECT can help you live more fully!
    Theme: Self-leadership and personal development
  • Fire together – Wire together – A lecture on how you as leaders and employees together create the magic that leads to well-being, motivation, efficiency and profitability.
    Theme: Building team and company culture – getting stronger together
  • The Brain – Make your boss your best friend – A lecture on how to lead yourself and others based on the understanding of how our brains work.
    Theme: Self-leadership and leadership with full focus on the limitations and possibilities of the brain.


– Going from follower to driver in your life and how, by being operational, you can live more fully!

A lecture that offers everything and is spiced up with a little something extra. Humor, courage, seriousness, thought-provoking and a game changer!

In a fast-paced world where we can receive social stimuli 24/7, we may also forget to stop and reflect.

Reflect on how we feel and how we want to feel. We sometimes find ourselves in unwanted situations and we cannot always influence them in the moment, BUT we can always influence our emotional states. No one can take that away from us unless we allow it. But how?

By better understanding and maneuvering through your three rhythms. The brain, the heart and the body.

What do you get out of the lecture?

In this lecture, I mix humor and seriousness with concrete tips on how we can build great self-leadership. When we let go of how we think we should be, and instead focus on how we WANT it to be, that’s when the magic really happens. You go home with useful tips, strategies and step-by-step processes.

The tools are simple, that doesn’t mean it’s easy – if you want to be in love with life, you’ll want to make the journey anyway!

Fire together - Wire together

Do you and your team want to succeed in building a company and team that thrives and performs well? 

In that case, you and your team need to focus on what makes you bond as a close-knit team. What fires together, wires together. In this lecture, I will give you the tools to start building what you want to stand and work for. So get ready to realize and manage the power of what happens when you start to hook arms and your brains fire together towards the goal. 

What do you get out of the lecture?

You and your team will get sharp tips, reflection exercises and tools in simple step-by-step strategies and processes. To make it easier for you to lead yourself and each other in a way that creates a positive impact. increased well-being, engagement, motivation and profitability. 

The brain - Making your boss your best friend

An inspiring and motivating lecture that will make you want to take action between and after the laughter!

The brain is your boss. Point. So you might as well become best friends with it. And how do you treat a best friend?

Decision-making and movement. Rest and breathing. Thoughts and diet. Everything affects us and needs to be in balance. Our brain plays the main role in our lives, so what can we influence directly and indirectly to give it and us the best conditions?

Welcome to a lecture in both theory and practice. Where you will gain a lot of knowledge about how each of you can sharpen your brain by understanding more about how it actually works and reacts to the input we receive both around and inside ourselves.

From an understanding of the brain as boss, learn how you can individually and together make more conscious choices that give you more POWER.

What do you get out of the lecture?

Through interactive exercises in the lecture, participants will gain a better understanding of what can cause imbalances in us and how to find back to balance. You will also get simple and concrete tools to explore and test individually and together. To see what works best for each of you. So that you and you can more often have what you want and need.

There are no methods that work for everyone, we are unique individuals, each one of us. Therefore, there needs to be tools to use that are flexible and modifiable. This is what you will learn in this lecture.

Contact me for a tailor-made lecture.

Do you want a mix of the above lectures or an even more specific focus on one of my specialist areas above? Get in touch and I’ll put something together just for you!

What people who have booked me say

So fantastic to have you on stage today - you are awesome 🤩. Everyone was super happy! It feels like you could have lectured to this group for any length of time, everyone was really engaged and the time went by so quickly.

The topic of self-leadership is something we need to work on with our staff. If they feel good, they can also deliver world-class performance. You made it very clear today - everyone needs to take charge of their own lives.

The whole you is really so much our value words: Delivering with JOY, PASSIONATE from the heart with THOUGHT to everyone you meet !"

Linda Johansson

Site Manager, Wellness Studio

Rebecca is a wonderfully inspiring and joyful speaker. The lecture was mixed with practical tips on self-leadership and fun physical exercises with dance elements. The exercises and dancing are nothing anyone needs to worry about, everyone was involved and everyone enjoyed it.

Rebecca lectures in an educational and natural way on how we can manage and influence stressful situations in our lives at home or at work. All of our 90 employees were delighted after the lecture and the joy in the room was very palpable among the employees. Many of the employees expressed that it was the best lecture in a long time!

Maria Pettersson

Head of Unit/ Pediatric Nurse Sollentuna and Rotebro BVC and Sollentuna Breastfeeding Clinic. 

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