Do you want to be a leader among others or do you want to be that leader that others remember and want to learn from?

Do you want to be an ordinary company or that extraordinary one that wins the hearts of employees and customers?

If you DON’T want to be like everyone else, you’ve come to the right place. You are welcome to take a closer look at my services below.

I always use research-based tools. But I don’t do one-model-fits-all. Each mission is tailored to your and your company’s current situation.

Contact me for an inquiry and quote. I would also be happy to make an informal appointment to hear more about your needs and wishes. If it feels right, it will be easy.

Mastermind group coaching starts February 2024. 8 seats.

FireWire – The Conversation is for those who are female, in a management role and have at least 3 years of leadership experience. You are missing and perhaps longing for the real conversation. A safe environment with other women leaders from different sectors. Be listened to and feel anything but alone in your questions and challenges.

You will also practice some breathing and movement techniques that will reduce your stress levels and sharpen your mind.

Maybe this also applies to you?

  • Lacking a sounding board in your everyday work life
  • Want to add more/new knowledge in leadership, self-leadership and team culture.
  • Want a private forum where you can get help and support in a safe environment.
  • Want to make new leadership friends from different industries who can help you gain new perspectives.
  • Want to be listened to, understood and helped in the way you need.
  • Want a coach to help you find new approaches to challenges and development in yourself and your personal leadership.

More information to come. Contact me now to register your interest.

An exclusive group coaching program for a maximum of 6 people. This will suit you if you are a CEO, leader in a management team or similar level of management. You want to develop your leadership skills and/or those of your colleagues to improve the well-being of yourself and your staff. So you can feel good on the inside and create extraordinary results on the outside.

The program lasts 6 months and includes:

  • 10 group coaching sessions (educational, interactive exercises, coaching, group discussions)
  • Pre-recorded material in a course portal linked to each group coaching session.
  • Recordings of group coaching sessions are posted on the course portal.
  • Private chat channel for coaching, encouragement and support between group coaching sessions.
  • Access to all course materials including recorded group coaching sessions and pre-recorded material for a total of 6 months.
  • Two 1-1 coaching sessions of 60 minutes each

ATTENTION! There are only 6 seats. This is to ensure that both you as an individual and the group get the most out of it. The next start is in spring 2024.

The program can also be delivered to managers/leaders in the same company.

If you want to succeed in building a company and team that thrives and performs well. You and your team need to focus on what makes you bond as a close-knit team. What fires together, wires together. This is a dynamic and flexible holistic training – where I work with you to tailor the composition of the training based on your needs and objectives.

It is for those who run a business (fast growing?) or work in one and want to reduce sickness absence, build stronger teams, improve internal and external communication, reduce staff turnover and increase profitability and well-being. the company by training leaders and building a strong company and team culture with self-driven and motivated employees.

This is a unique opportunity for you and your company to shape the core of the company and stand strong in what is NI. Together with me, you set a clear plan on how to get where you want to go (concrete goals).

Below are examples of what the training components contain.

  • Self-leadership
  • Leading others and each other
  • Strengths-based & coaching leadership
  • Working from the brain’s limitations and possibilities (neuro-leadership & motivation theory)
  • Communicate so that others want to listen
  • Group dynamics
  • The gift of feedback
  • Stress prevention
  • Building team & company culture

The training consists of different workshop blocks. What you need depends on your current and desired situation.

Digital materials are included to increase learning and retention opportunities. Individual and group coaching is provided as needed. Training can be provided both on-site and online.

Contact me here for a first conversation

For companies that want to train and develop their staff in self-leadership.

There is pre-recorded material in a course portal and it can also be combined with workshops and/or lectures.

The self-leadership training leads employees to:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased well-being
  • Better communication with oneself and others
  • Increased awareness of thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • Neuro-leadership – being able to lead oneself and others based on knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of the brain.
  • More self-reliant employees through a deeper understanding of whose responsibility it is.
  • A clearer structure and way of working for the individual
  • Reduced stress
  • A toolbox of simple, research-based tools for success and failure.
  • More communicative, effective, cohesive and healthy teams.

There are a few different solutions to the arrangement. Get in touch and we will arrange a meeting to discuss your needs and the best solution for you.

Please contact me here.

Self-leadership & mental training for those who want to go from the feeling that life is just running away from you or have abandoned thoughts like “well is this how life turned out?”. To strengthen yourself from the inside out and get the tools that take you where you want (which right now you may only dream of) and make life more rock ´n´ roll.
In other words, say YES to YOU and YOUR life.

Read more and register here

Lectures focusing on self-leadership, how to build winning teams and how good leaders manage their teams. 

All lectures have interactive elements that help you and your colleagues to become better self-leaders and more strong and sustainable together. And you’ll have fun in the process!

Book me if you want a lecture and/or workshop that not only inspires but also motivates!

Expect a journey of reflection, humor, scientific research, experience, metaphors, understanding and the occasional “aha” moment. And once you enter the lecture, you will surely come out with some dance moves and effective tools for better leadership. Both for you and your colleagues.

Read more about my lectures here

I help you develop both individually and in groups with a focus on healthy human relationships. This could be e.g. communication, leadership, self-leadership, project management, mental training, team development, etc.

I build my assignments with a content that mixes theory with practice and creates an interactive learning environment. Active participation during the work process increases the involvement, motivation and development of participants. My workshops can last one day or run over several days. It depends on your needs and wishes.

My focus is to create, teach and provide tools and conditions for problem solving that have long-lasting positive effects on leaders, teams and companies. I don’t have a fixed schedule because you and your colleagues are my material. My program is with you and your team. You are talking. I am listening. Then we create.

Contact me here to talk more about how an arrangement could work for you.

Each coaching session is unique. Maybe you want to improve your communication, delegate better or build a safer culture?

I offer individual coaching to you as a leader based on your needs. Together we build you and your leadership from the inside out, from the outside in. Streamlines your processes and sets the right direction for you going forward.

Is coaching for you?

A side track but a big part of my life and passion is dance and exercise. Often combined with self-leadership. But you may also want to book a dancer for your next conference. 😉

I do both performances (together with my partner) and/or teach you to dance as part of the kickoff/conference. And you know, everyone can dance, even those who claim to have two left feet. 😉

I also use dance as a way to describe and experience leadership and team culture. So if you’re curious to try something new that makes sense immediately, contact me here and we’ll talk further.

What if a few dance steps are what you need to create forward movement in life? I have lifelong experience of several different dance styles / genres and can offer you as a private person or corporate customer a sweaty dance session altogether. dance classes filled with passion and joy! Or is it a bachelorette/bachelorette/wedding dance you are looking for?

I want more dance in my life


Do you want to go on a dance/training trip or attend a boosting weekend that will make you fall in love with life? Come with me to a place where you can land in who you want to be. Where you have time to reflect, without demands and performance. For those who want to embrace their life now, not later.

I want to know more about travel & weekends
TJÄNSTER - bli en bättre ledare